Lil Wayne and sports journalist Skip Bayless have one of the most random, unlikeliest friendships. The pair have formed a solid bond over the years and visit each other’s homes regularly, but Wayne may not be extending an invite to Skip much longer.

On Thursday (June 30), the Undisputed co-host posted a photo on Instagram showing him hanging out with Lil Wayne at the rapper’s house while wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt, much to Wayne’s disappointment. According to Skip, Weezy believes he brought bad juju to his home thanks to his choice of attire.

“Ernestine and I had a great time last night at Lil Wayne’s,” Skip wrote. “I couldn’t resist wearing my favorite Cowboy T-shirt just to irritate him, because he despises all things Cowboys (except Micah). Now, after I desecrated his house by entering into it wearing such blasphemy, Wayne fears it will be haunted.”

Lil Wayne is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, and that team happens to be conference rivals with the Dallas Cowboys. The two have played each other 37 times, with the Packers winning 20 games over the Cowboys’ 17. They’ve also played each other eight times in the playoffs, with Green Bay being the only team in the NFC with a winning record against the Cowboys.



Lil Wayne Welcomes Skip Bayless & Wife Into His Home Despite More LeBron James Hate

This isn’t the first time Skip Bayless has trolled his rapper friend. In February, the sports media personality pulled up to Wayne’s crib again while rocking a pair of LeBron James’ sneakers. For the unitiated, Lil Wayne is also a huge Lakers fan and Skip is one of the biggest LeBron critics in the industry.

“Great time, lotta laughs, talking sports, music and life,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “Ernestine took this and didn’t quite get the LeBrons I was wearing just for Laker fanatic Wayne. (OK, I was being a little sarcastic since his squad is five under .500.”