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Diddy was honored with the BET Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday night (June 26). While special guests such as Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim and Jodeci were pretty much expected to show up as part of the tribute to the Bad Boy Records CEO, when Shyne sauntered onstage to join Diddy for a few bars, it was surprising to some.

Wearing a bow tie and suit like a proper Belizean politician would, Shyne delivered his lines with ease as he joined his former boss. To think, this moment in time would’ve never happened had Shyne not had the strength to heal from the infamous 1999 shooting incident that took place at Manhattan nightclub.

Shyne, just 20 at the time, was forced to make a rash decision to either defend himself and his friends or risk getting shot by alleged instigator Matthew “Scar” Allen. So, he pulled the trigger.

While no one was killed, three people were injured, and Shyne was ultimately charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment. But Diddy, who was also arrested that night, was acquitted of all charges and their friendship crumbled. In fact, Shyne severed all ties with Diddy and Bad Boy Records.

Nearly 10 years after being deported to Shyne’s home country of Belize, he was welcomed back to the United States in 2021 — and Diddy played a role in that. During an interview with HipHopDX last August, Shyne explained how he was able to move forward without hate in his heart.

“I think all families that I know on planet Earth have disputes and difficulties, and that’s part of a family,” he said at the time. “And I think you have to have perspective, and you have to have a vision and a focus as to where you’re going. I try not to focus on people and I try to focus on myself. Once I heal and once I get clarity as to my purpose and my mission, then taking the baggage of yesterday with me is not practical. You can’t move forward taking things from 23 years ago with you.

Ex-Bad Boy Shyne Explains How He + Diddy Mended Friendship Following Infamous NYC Club Shooting

“I can’t plan and succeed in building my life for the next 23 years if I’m taking all the things that are holding me back, that are stagnating me, that are weighing me down. If I try to take those things with me, I won’t progress.”

He added, “So that was something that I did internally. And then once you do that, your relationships change. You open the door to have healthier relationships because you’re healthier, you’re focused, you have a vision and all your energy is going towards that vision.”