Doja Cat has undergone tonsil surgery due to an abscess. Taking to Twitter on Thursday (May 19), the Los Angeles artist went into graphic detail about the operation, explaining how her tonsils got infected after vaping and drinking alcohol while on antibiotics at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.



“dr. just had to cut into my left tonsil,” she wrote. “i had an abscess in it. my whole throat is fucked so i might have some bad news for yall coming soon. nah so my tonsils got infected before bbmas and i was taking fuckin antibiotics but forgot that i was taking them and then i drank wine and was vaping all day long and then i started getting a nasty ass growth on my tonsil so they had to do surgery on it today.”

She continued, “he poked up in dere with a needle twice and then sucked all the juice out and then he took a sharp thing and cut it in two places and squoze all the goop out in dere. i cried and it hurt a lot but im ok. ima try and get em removed for sure very soon.”

She later added on Instagram that she would have to cancel her upcoming festival run and plans to open for  The Weeknd on his After Hours Til Dawn Tour 

“I feel horrible about this but can’t wait for this to heal and get back to making music and create an experience for y’all.”

Elsewhere in her tweets, she also admitted she’s addicted to vaping but is attempting to stop due to the pain and long-term effects.



“im quitting the vape for a while and hopefully i dont crave it anymore after that,” she said. “nah im too scared to hit it cuz my throat hurts so bad. i cried for hours. its not worth it. then its like imagine all that wierd poisonous shit in the vape seeping into the completely open wound in my throat like fuck that. im hella young.

“Throwing them away just instills panic. I’m addicted but I’m not weak. I was literally staring at my vape today that normally i’d hit a thousand times a day and hit it two times instead. I’ma try to go cold turkey for now but hopefully my brain doesn’t need it at all by then. also what makes yall think i cant go buy a 50 pack right now? Its not about throwing them away its about not needing them. Right now I NEED THEM. I don’t WANT them rn because im in pain. But my brain is addicted to it.

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She added, “so foh with that ‘THROW IT AWAY THEN QUEEN’ shit. that doesn’t help anybody and it just sounds condescending to anybody whos actually struggling w nicotine addiction. ive tried all that throw it away shit before. doesn’t work.”