DJ Doo Wop [click to read] is one of the most famed mixtape deejays in Hip Hop history. His ’95 Live tape was deemed as one of Hip Hop’s 10 best by Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists. Presently working as a deejay for Guru [click to view], Doo Wop, leader of Da Bounce Squad, took offense to Lil Wayne‘s comments, including, “Fuck mixtape deejays!” to a Foundation Magazine writer earlier this week [click to read].

Doo Wop told HipHopDX, “Basically Lil Wayne made a statement disrespecting all mixtape deejays. I
understand if he’s sour at a few dudes who exploit the game by leaking
too many songs from your upcoming album on their CD, but that doesn’t
justify him shitting on the whole culture.
” The veteran added, “Lil Wayne wants to separate
himself from the very thing that helped him become a household name, and it needed to be addressed. He made a million songs and
freestyles last year, but the radio mostly played the commercial
releases. How the hell do you think the rest of his joints got

The New York mainstay defended his peers and made an enduring case for the mixtape, in a message directed to Wayne. “Nowadays the game is what it is. Downloading is
at an all time high and CD sales at an all time low. So even if
mixtapes didn’t exist, sales still wouldn’t be what they should. Don’t
blame the deejay, homey. Thank the deejay. You don’t hear 50 Cent shitting
on mixtapes. He’s a product of it, and never denies it.
Doo Wop was among the top deejays instrumental in 50 Cent‘s rediscovery, with a collaborative freestyle appearing on 2002’s Guess Who’s Back?

The New York deejay has put his acclaimed mixing abilities to new mediums in a video just released (posted below). The edited clip, which includes various punch-ins of commentary against Wayne, along with an array of images of the work he’s done, shows adoptive father and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman commending deejays for their hard work at the Core DJs Retreat two months ago.

Narrative editing of interview clips and song excerpts goes on to mock Lil Wayne for the leaked pictures of him kissing Baby on the mouth, hypocritical statements about New Orleans awareness after Hurricane Katrina, and drug addiction.

The clip closes with Ronald “Slim” Williams, co-founder of the Cash Money label, affirming mixtape deejays at the same retreat, “Y’all created a monster in Lil Wayne.