On last night’s Streetsweeper’s Radio Show with DJ Kay Slay, more details came out from the Lil Wayne controversial statements on mixtape deejays [click to read].

B. Mack, founder of Foundation Magazine, the publication to whom Wayne made the statements, called into the show to expound on what happened. Admitting that the interview was approximately three weeks old, the publisher stated that Universal Records had flown the magazine writer to Atlanta for the interview out of respect for the magazine’s brand, which had previously featured Kay Slay on the cover.

The interview lasted a reported six minutes, including Wayne‘s diatribe that stated, “Fuck mixtape deejays.” The exchange ended with Wayne throwing a magazine at the interviewer’s face, then being escorted from the room. According to the publisher, the label nor Wayne‘s management had made any attempt to reconcile the situation or schedule a follow-up interview. Foundation‘s publisher also added that he believed “it could be the syrup,” questioning Wayne‘s sobriety at the time of the interview.

Veteran deejay Kay Slay did more listening than talking in the interview. Although Slay himself has focused more on his radio shows and Streetsweepers brand which includes Papoose and Big Lou [click to read] than releasing mixtapes these days, he did say, “Ninety percent of the mothafuckas who even hold radio slots [owe that exposure] to mixtape deejays,” also affirming many of the Foundation publisher’s points.

This will be Foundation‘s seventh issue, available early next month.