Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher’s beef erupted into violence on Saturday (May 14) when the ESGN rapper suffered a brutal beatdown at the hands of alleged associates of the Griselda representative.

Footage of the altercation surfaced online on Monday (May 16), showing Gangsta Gibbs getting jumped by a crowd of people inside Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant in Benny’s hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Rumors suggested Freddie Gibbs had his bunny rabbit chain snatched during the brawl, but the Bandana MC claims otherwise. In a video posted to Twitter by his girlfriend, Gibbs challenges his attackers to “produce the stolen jewelry that you say that you got” while copping new pieces inside a jewelry store.

Gibbs’ girlfriend doubled down on the refutal by tweeting, “all that and y’all still didn’t get his chains” in response to footage of the ambush posted by DJ Akademiks, another rival of the Gary, Indiana rapper.

Speculation surrounding the stolen chain was sparked by an alleged text message from Freddie Gibbs that surfaced online on Monday.

“20 n-ggaz deep this all they did, couldn’t even take my shit,” read the text under two images of a bunny rabbit pendant. “Tell them n-ggaz come harder next time.”

In any case, Gangsta Gibbs didn’t escape from the altercation entirely unscathed. Photos from his concert at Buffalo’s Town Ballroom on Saturday night show him sporting swollen eyes, partially covered by a ski mask. The Gary, Indiana native was in town on his Space Rabbit Tour.

Despite forming a potent partnership on “Frank Lucas” and “One Way Flight,” Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher’s relationship soured in March when Benny said their collaborations “came and went” during an interview with Spotify Greenroom.

From there, the former collaborators traded subliminal shots on social media, with Gibbs ridiculing Benny’s Tana Talk 4 album and the Griselda MC claiming Freddie “begged” him to do a joint project together.

Freddie Gibbs Performs In Buffalo After Benny The Butcher's Crew Allegedly Jumped Him

Ultimately, the feud left Benny The Butcher a little confused. “I guess that n-gga put a tweet up or some weird shit and I don’t know why he did that shit,” he said during his Drink Champs interview in May. When N.O.R.E. replied by saying he thought they were friends, Benny concurred, “That’s what I thought.”