Cam’ron likes to get into shenanigans with his close friend Suga Dugga, and the latest round of tomfoolery is just as funny as the rest. On Monday (May 16), Killa Cam posted a video on Instagram showing himself and Dugga having an “argument” inside a boxing ring.

It appeared Cam wanted to perform a wrestling move on the Dipset affiliate, but Suga Dugga was not in the mood to have any maneuvers pulled on him.

“Come on, man. You bugging! It’s one move!” Cam said as he entered the ring. “Yo, stop crying, man. I’m not coming off the top rope!”

Dugga responded, “My n-gga, you got all this frustration and you want to choose me?”

Cam’ron reiterated he wasn’t acting in frustration and just wanted to perform one simple move on him. Dugga told the Dipset leader not to do anything crazy, such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s signature finisher, The People’s Elbow.

The Harlem rap legend promised he wouldn’t do anything too outlandish, then proceeded to grab Dugga’s arm and throw him to the corner of the ring. Once Dugga got to the turnbuckle, Cam performed wrestling legend Sting’s trademark “stinger splash,” where the person throws their body onto their opponent.

Cam'ron Celebrates 'Come Home With Me' 20th Anniversary At Harlem's Apollo Theater

Thankfully, Cam’ron has rap to fall back on since professional wrestling may not be in the cards for him. Last week, the 46-year-old marked a career milestone when he celebrated the 20th anniversary of Come Home With Me at the Apollo Theater in his hometown of Harlem, New York.

Watch the hilarious clip below.


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