Atlanta, GA

When NLE Choppa dropped his new song “Slut Me Out” on April 22, the 19-year-old used his song to flex his new partnership with Atlanta’s vegan chain Slutty Vegan. Choppa also announced he’d have his own meal called the Slut Me Out meal at the chain’s Edgewood location beginning on May 4.

Choppa stopped by the restaurant on Tuesday (May 10) and threw on the Slutty Vegan uniform to work a shift and help pass out the meal on the final day it was available. Judging by several Instagram posts, it looked to be quite the event.

“My first day, my first day on the job man I just clocked in,” Choppa said on the restaurant’s Instagram account. “We finna do what we do we finna see I’m good at what I’m strong at, and we finna try not to get fired. That’s really about it just trying to not get fired.”

Another Instagram showed Choppa calling up orders as photographers flashed pictures of him. Another longer video showed Slutty Vegan legitimately put the Me Vs. Me rhymer to work and had him chopping up ingredients, washing dishes and taking orders.

Aside from working his first customer service job, the Memphis rapper has been preparing his upcoming Love Song EP, which he said would find NLE Choppa transitioning into R&B Choppa.

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“Im finna make music for the women, R&B Choppa,” the Memphis rapper wrote. “I make better love songs then hype songs on my life. I just haven’t gave y’all snippets of it. Time to treat my queens.”

Watch NLE Choppa work his first shift at Slutty Vegan below.