Former NFL star-turned-rapper Antonio Brown has ruffled some feathers over comments he made regarding racism not existing in America, and now Summer Walker is speaking out against him. On Monday (May 9), the Still Over It singer jumped into the comment section of The Shade Room‘s post and decided to share a story of her own that shows racism does indeed exist.

“He’s lost it,” Walker wrote. “I got fired from a job once for wearing my Afro, the manager said it reminded her of Erykah Badu but that’s not the look they were going for, along with mentioning, that’s not the style I had when they ‘hired me,’ I’ll never forget it.”

Antonio Brown stirred the pot during a recent visit to the We In Miami podcast. In the viral clip, the Super Bowl champion spoke on people not having to accept their circumstances and understanding they can do whatever they want in life. According to Brown, people need to shift their mindset on certain things, such as thinking racism exists.

“You don’t have to have self pity or be a mentality of being victimized,” he said. “There’s no racism, you can do what you want in America, in the world. Only you can breathe for yourself and like, only you can see with your own eyes, so, it’s up to what you want. I made a $100 million in football contracts.”


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The statement clearly didn’t bode well with people on social media, especially with folks in The Shade Room‘s comment section who proceeded to drag Antonio Brown through the mud. While Summer Walker leads the charge in calling out the former football star, she’s not hiding her feelings when it comes to her ex London On Da Track either.

Summer Walker Kicks London On Da Track's Mother's Day Gift To The Curb

On Mother’s Day, the superstar producer sent Walker a bouquet of flowers, since they share a daughter together, but the singer made it clear she’s still not over London’s trifling ways, according to an interaction with a fan on Instagram.

“Did summer get a flower too?” the fan wrote on Instagram after seeing London send flowers to another ex, to which she replied, “Same ones & left them shits by the dumpster where they belong.”