To celebrate the release of their new Chef’s Chicken Sandwich, Panera will be partnering with NTWRK to drop eight exclusive collective capsules on May 7, and T-Pain is tapped to host the event and drop his own capsule.

Dubbed the “Day of Craveable Drops,” Panera collaborated with T-Pain to design the final collection of the day titled the “Deliciously Luxe Drop Kit.” The pod will contain unique pieces of cozy clothing items such as hoodies and sweat pants. It will drop in its entirety on May 4 on the NTWRK app and will be sold for $1 plus shipping. The collection will also come with specialized headphones designed by T-Pain.

The “Buy U A Drank” crooner – who has a history of food-related ventures, including his own cocktail book, Can I Mix You A Drink? – also collaborated with Panera to design his own 24-karat gold plated chalice, which he made with celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna. The chalice, valued at $3000, features handset stones and specific laser embellishments. It was also sold on NTWRK to one lucky winner on April 21.

“I can’t wait to celebrate this new chicken sandwich from Panera with these exclusive drops and gold chalice on NTWRK,” Pain said in a statement. “The perfect pairing for the perfect meal.”

The rap star’s collab with Panera comes after he was forced to knock some sense into his fans in Dallas, Texas. T-Pain recently called out the Texas community after he found out they weren’t buying tickets to his upcoming show at The Factory.

“On the tour we do a weekly tour update kind of thing, you know, and we send out this little spreadsheet of the percentages of tickets we’ve sold in each city,” T-Pain explained. “I got to tell you, man, there’s only one question: ‘What the fuck, Dallas?’”

He continued, “Dallas, what are you doing?! Y’all don’t fuck with me?! What did I do! Let me know what I did! What’s going on?!”