Dallas, TX – T-Pain is gearing up to embark on his The Road To Wiscansin Tour starting on May 10 in San Francisco, which will take him across North America and end, of course, at Wiscansin Fest in Milwaukee on June 11.

Ticket sales seem to be going well, but there is one city in particular that T-Pain is having trouble selling out.

The Tallahassee native took to Instagram over the weekend to poke fun at the city of Dallas and call them out for only buying up 26 percent of the tickets so far for the May 18 show at The Factory.

“On the tour, we do a weekly tour update kind of thing, you know, and we send out this little spreadsheet of the percentages of tickets we’ve sold in each city,” he said. “I got to tell you, man, there’s only one question, ‘What the fuck, Dallas?'”


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T-Pain doesn’t understand why the Lone Star State staple isn’t messing with him after repeated trips to Dallas where he felt part of the city.

“I wore cowboy hats many times,” he continued. “I used to raise horses! I feel like I’m part of the city! I’ve worn a cowboy hat or two — regular cowboys and Dallas Cowboys.”

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For comparison, Los Angeles, Richmond and Chicago’s first shows are already sold-out, while Buffalo hasn’t sold 40 percent of tickets yet.