JAY-Z contributed a coveted verse to Pusha T’s single “Neck & Wrist” for his latest album It’s Almost Dry. Following the project’s April 22 release, Hov fans celebrated lyrics such as, “They like, ‘If BIG was alive, Hov wouldn’t be in his position’/If BIG had survived, y’all would have got The Commission” and further exalted the Brooklyn-bred legend.

And Pusha T evidently feels the same way about the Hip Hop billionaire. During a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation, the self-proclaimed “Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss” expounded on the respect and admiration he has for JAY-Z, anointing him as the G.O.A.T. in the process.

“Hov, to me… he’s the best rapper, like just period,” he said. “So when I reach out to him about a record, I feel like he sort of knows that, like, you know I’m not reaching out to him about no bullshit … I must really think that this is like, a joint… something that’s gonna add to the great legacy that he has.”

The former Clipse rapper went on to explain how their songwriting process worked.

“I’ll basically just write the verse, lay the hook down, I do everything and just send it to him with a space open,” he continued. “He’ll hit back, and this particular time he was like, ‘Man, what you want me to say to this man? You going crazy!’ And I was like, ‘Man, just, you know, turn it up.’

“I only send records to him when I feel like there’s more needed to the record and there’s nothing else I can really say to it. Where he’s made it in his career and in his life he can always add an uptick to the record. I can’t say what he says.”

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Despite the high praise Pusha T has for JAY-Z, he’s also enamored with Bad Boy Records founder Diddy. After Diddy shared an Instagram clip calling It’s Almost Dry a “work of art,” King Push essentially credited Diddy for his success in the studio.

“Anytime I’ve ever had a lack of inspiration, I searched for you,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “When I throw my voice in the studio, mimicking BIG, and the writers/fans notice…what they don’t know is, it was you in 2015 showing me how to turn the corner in those verses to add magic to the song. You’ve always shared the codes with me.

“Whether approving my albums on the outdoor home speakers at the LA estate to driving the causeways on golf carts thru Miami Beach just listening to a mogul talk. I say all this to let you know, although @pharrell and @kanyewest executive produced #ItsAlmostDry , it is your DNA, your fingerprints, and your spirit all over this muthafucka!! Thank you for everything @diddy.”