Cold 187um, also known as Big Hutch of Above The Law fame is preparing to release his first album since his release from a two year stint in the penitentiary on drug trafficking charges. HipHopDX sat down with the G-funk legend to discuss his plans for the future, and his current projections following his federal incarceration.

Big Hutch described his new sound as “more global; a lot of old classic silky shit, that integrates rock, but still has that old hip-hop feel, especially due to the lyrics.

Cold 187um seems revitalized and re-energized and is prepping the release of his first album since he came out of prison, which will fittingly be titled, Cold 187um: Fresh out the Pen. The release will be put out through his West World Records, which also dropped 1999’s Executive Decisions and 2004’s Live From The Ghetto. The label was announced as a sub-division for Death Row Records, during Above The Law‘s brief affiliation with the label in 1999 and 2000.

Hutch has worked with artists ranging from Crooked I [click to view], 2Pac, Eazy E, Xzibit, Kam and Kokane [click to read], in addition to group hits like “Black Superman” and “Murder Rap.”

Reported by Jake Spilman.