Lil Durk is at a point in his career where people are imitating him down to his looks. Last week, a Smurk doppelgänger was running wild in a mall in Broward County, Florida, causing fans to think the rapper was actually getting some shopping done.

The moment went viral and eventually caught the attention of the real Durkio, who’s looking to use the moment to his advantage. On Tuesday (April 12), the Chicago rap star took to his Instagram with a post shedding light on his next music video, and one of the stars in the clip is his lookalike, who calls himself Shmurkioo.

In the clip, Shmurkioo seems to be arguing with his love interest when she suddenly clocks him in the head with a drinking glass. Lil Durk gave his baby-faced twin a new nickname in the caption of his post, too.



“PERKIO shooting block list with the real Jerry … this might be the biggest ish 2022,” Lil Durk wrote.

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Durkio’s peers, such as Lil Baby and Swae Lee, voiced their approval of the lookalike’s new nickname in the comment section. Fans even broke out in laughter under the post by sharing various laughing emojis. Many were excited to see Lil Durk express his fun side by embracing the jokes and giving Shmurkioo a platform to get his name out there.



The fake Lil Durk had fans going insane at the mall in Broward County on April 7. Shmurkioo had Durkioo’s signature blond dreads, a designer blue bubble coat, and matching snapback that led fans to believe Durk was really in front of their eyes.

Lil Durk Lookalike Shuts Down Florida Mall

The 7220 rapper co-signed his lookalike seen in the prank. He reposted a viral TikTok earlier this week of the imposter and a lady friend doing their best Durk and India Royale impression with his “Difference Is” song providing the soundtrack.