Rick Ross is not the type of person who likes to put all his eggs in one basket. The Teflon Don is a bona fide entrepreneur with several businesses on top of his legendary rap career, and it looks like he’s stepping into a new lane to multiply his coin.

Over the weekend, the Biggest Bawse took to his Instagram Story with an update for fans regarding his latest business endeavor. According to Rozay, he’s jumping into the television space with a new show that falls right in line with his status as the Maybach Music Group CEO.

“The time has come, and the perfect time is now,” he said while getting a shape-up at home. “I’ma go ahead and do me a show. The time is now. It’s going to be about wealth, based on success. We actually filming right now, but I hope y’all are ready for it ’cause I’ma talk some big numbers. Big numbers. This the nine-figure club, you figure? It’s going down like that.”

While it’s unclear whether Rick Ross will be in front or behind the camera for his upcoming TV show, his announcement comes as a surprise considering he dismissed acting and TV during an interview with GQ last December.



Rick Ross Taunts 50 Cent Over 'BMF' Earnings: 'Tell Him I Said Congratulations'

“There ain’t enough money in acting,” he said while taking a dig at his longtime rival 50 Cent, who has seen success in the TV industry thanks to his Power universe. “Your man made $250K for the season doing that. That little season, STARZ TV shit. What channel is it really?”

He added, “He should’ve just went REVOLT. Just go REVOLT next time. Tell Curtis I said, ‘Go REVOLT.'”