Top Dawg Entertainment artist Isaiah Rashad was robbed of his privacy when a leaked sex tape outed his sexuality. But most of the rap community rallied around him and condemned the person behind the leak.

Still, there are plenty of people who are throwing around jokes about Rashad online — and TDE president Terrence “Punch” Henderson isn’t standing for it. On Thursday (April 7), Punch responded to a rapper named Jahmed who accused Rashad of “top dawgin’ a cock.”

“Wait.. so you want me to be concerned about another grown man’s sex life??” he tweeted. “Is that what you’re really interested in? As oppose to having a dialogue about music??”

Jahmed deleted the post following Punch’s reaction, but Punch uploaded a screenshot and said, “Nah n-gga don’t run now. Let’s talk about it.” Jahmed then quickly issued an apology.

“Smh, that was a weak ass/distasteful joke that I said earlier and I own that,” Jahmed wrote. “On God I’ve always been a Zay Wop fan and I got none but love and respect for Him, Punch and the whole TDE team!!! Apologiez.”

Punch replied favorably, writing “I respect that. I appreciate you saying it publicly.”

Isaiah Rashad was outed in February just hours after Lil Fizz and Nelly became victims of a sex tape leak. Footage of Rashad both giving and receiving oral sex started making the rounds on Twitter, but not a single woman was involved.

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Many people ran to his defense and criticized anyone who would be so cruel as to expose someone in this manner. As one person tweeted, “Isaiah rashad being gay is random as fuck but being so interested in what ppl do behind closed doors is even weirder lmao got nothing to do wit y’all n-ggas.”