Fayetteville, GA - 

Cars aren’t typically considered a smart investment considering how much they depreciate in value, but Rick Ross’ fleet of classic rides are about to start paying dividends.

The MMG boss is gearing up to host his very first car and bike show later this year, and he’s already secured a six-figure offer from a company looking to sponsor the event.

For Rozay, this is vindication for all the times he was questioned for spending so much money on cars.

“Never let nobody dictate your desires,” he said on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday (February 16). “I remember it was at one point they used to say, ‘Rozay, why would you buy so many cars?’ You don’t have my vision.

“Now I’m finna put a successful car show together. By the time I’m on my third one, I will have made all the money I spent on cars and profit.”

Rick Ross then revealed he’s been offered $100,000 by a “huge brand” — whose identity he kept a secret — to endorse his car show. Apparently that sum is simply pocket change for the Richer Than I Ever Been rapper, though, who might be looking to hold out for more.

“We just posted the flyer yesterday and a huge brand done already offered me six figures,” he continued. “They offered me a $100[K]. It wasn’t much, but it was just the thought.

“Instead of it saying ‘Rick Ross 1st Annual Car Show’ — I don’t want to reveal the company, but let’s say for instance it was Wingstop — it would say ‘Wingstop 1st Annual [Car Show].

“We already got a six-figure offer. A hundred. It ain’t much, but it’s the thought. That let me know that if somebody offered me a hundred already, shit, Rozay could get $350[K].”

Rick Ross’ 1st Annual Car & Bike Show is taking place at his “Promise Land” estate in Fayetteville, Georgia on May 21. In typical Bawse fashion, Rozay has promised it will be the “biggest car and bike show” of 2022.

“It’s gonna be a lot of celebrities, a lot of athletes, a lot of homies,” he said on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday. “And for the first time, for everybody that wanted to see Rozay’s car collection, I’ma let y’all see the majority of all that shit.”

Rick Ross Shows Off Spiraling Fleet Of Old School Cars

Rick Ross has one of the biggest car collections in Hip Hop with over 100 vehicles to his name, ranging from old school Cadillacs and Chevrolets to some of the latest Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Of course, there are a few Maybachs in there, too.

Despite his impressive garage(s), the MMG rapper didn’t even own a driver’s licence until July 2021 at the age of 45.