Percy “Master P” Miller built his No Limit empire with a lot of hard work and determination. Growing up in the gritty streets of New Orleans, the 54-year-old started heading down a dangerous path until his grandmother scared him straight with visions of his funeral.

In a new interview with Fox & Friends, the successful business mogul looked back on his journey to Hip Hop infamy and revealed a few secrets along the way.

“Even though my kids got a better life and even though we have nice things, but you still got to work for what you want,” Miller said. “And I’m here for you, but you got to work for what you want, and if whatever you love to do, what you passionate about, I’m going to support you with it, but you need to get up in the morning.

“You need to educate yourself. You need to go to church, you need to do those things that’s going to make you a good person and have integrity.”

But Master P’s road to glory wasn’t paved in gold. An aspiring NBA basketball player, he eventually joined the University of Houston’s team until an injury sent him packing. He thought his life was over as he took the Greyhound bus back to the Louisiana projects. Now dealing drugs and hanging out with a motley crowd, his grandmother feared for his life but eventually said something to him that hit home.

“My grandmother really scared me when she put that dress on her nightstand and said she’s going to wear that to my funeral, if I didn’t get my act together,” he explained. “To be honest with you, I cry to myself and I realize this ain’t the life I wanted, and that’s when I started changing my life, and I think it’s a blessing to have people that care about you, that also give you tough love.”

With that, Master P moved to Richmond, California and opened up No Limit Records with a $10,000 inheritance he received from his late aunt. The rest is history and, as he said, he was “able to make Forbes fortune under 40.”

In a December 2021 interview with HipHopDX, he explained how that $10,000 investment really got the ball rolling.

“That’s how it all started,” he told DX. “I was this 19-year-old kid with a record store in Richmond, California and built it. You know, it was tough building that process and growing it. But you don’t have to have a lot of money. Everybody thinks you need millions of dollars to start a business.

Master P Started His No Limit Empire With Just $10K: 'You Don't Have To Have A Lot Of Money'

“So I started No Limit with $10,000, and it turned into a multi-million dollar empire; went from selling no records to selling over a 100 million records. It’s a blessing. You gotta dream big. Yeah. You got to, yeah. You just gotta dream big.”