DaBaby’s hands have delivered most of his recent headlines but after showcasing his rap skills for the L.A. Leakers, the Blame It On Baby rapper decided to compare his skills to some of Hip Hop’s more beloved wordsmiths.

After getting rave reviews about his freestyle over Gunna’s “Pushin P” instrumental. DaBaby didn’t hold back in comparing his bars to two legends and their contemporaries.

“Don’t get it fuckin’ twisted,” he told Justin Credible and DJ Sour Milk. “I like to turn people up, I like to make people feel good, but at the same time, you gotta get Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole for me, n-gga. Nas, JAY-Z. You gotta go get them ones.”

The statements brought plenty of skepticism from fans who not only brought up Hov and Nas’ accolades and intricate rhymes but called DaBaby delusional about his high confidence.

“DaBaby saying he is at the same level lyrically as Nas, Jay-Z, Kendrick shows what’s wrong with this generation’s rappers.,” one Twitter user wrote. “Charts and mainstream fame makes them think they are iller than the illest.”

Others on Instagram added regardless of DaBaby having a high level of flow, articulation and delivery, the substance in his music couldn’t line up with the four rappers he mentioned, even as his two freestyles with the Leakers emphasized sleeping with other people’s women, his riches, beating down his enemies and more.

DaBaby Gets Bowling Alley Ban As LAPD Investigate Brawl With DaniLeigh's Brother

DaBaby’s time in Los Angeles during Super Bowl week hasn’t been entirely peaceful. Despite the high praise for his appearance at Power 106, the rapper earned himself a ban from Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California, for his alleged actions following a fight at the venue on Wednesday (February 9).

According to TMZ, DaBaby may also face assault charges stemming from the incident where he got into it with Brandon Bills, the brother of DaniLeigh, his ex-girlfriend and mother of one of his children.

Watch his L.A. Leakers freestyle in full below.