The money challenge has taken social media by storm over the last several days. A sizable roster of rappers and celebrities have participated in the challenge in a plethora of ways — whether they’re using actual cash to spell out a phrase or making a point by using toilet paper to spell out things such as “IRS Watching.”

But as 50 Cent and Soulja Boy clash over who did it first, LL COOL J is reminding everyone he had the idea in the 1980s, long before 50 Cent was “In Da Club” or Soulja Boy was “cranking that.”

On Tuesday (January 25), LL COOL J shared a Twitter photo of himself in what looks like a magazine. In the photo, the young LL is laying shirtless next to his name, which had been spelled out in ice. The text above the photo read, “I was the coolest—literally—spelling my name in ice cubes.” Granted, it’s not quite the money challenge, but he got the point across. As he wrote in the caption, “Been there.”

On Sunday (January 23), 50 Cent shared an Instagram photo of himself spelling out “BROKE” using stacks of hundred dollar bills. He wrote in the caption, “When i look back at some of the shit that i did, I be bugging out. I see all these new versions i like all of them.”

But it didn’t take long for Soulja Boy to rain on his parade. Shortly after 50 Cent shared his post, the Life of Draco star responded with a screenshot of his 2016 “Stacks On Deck” video in which he spells out his name in cash. He added in the caption, “I was the first to do it.”

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Meanwhile, Fivio Foreign’s money challenge post made him a social media target when he decided to spell the phrase “FUCC CHILD SUPPORT” on the wood floor of his high rise apartment.

He added in the caption, “Good fathers shuddnt have to be on child support,” accented by a middle finger emoji. After both The Shade Room and Akademiks shared the post, he received comments such as, “The courts gonna have a field day with this picture when he miss a payment” and “Good try man but no we are not going to put up with this one.”