Kodak Black has even more reason to celebrate this January.

The Florida rapper took time to reflect on his past 365 days as a free man on Friday (January 21) while also revealing he’s the proud father of a baby girl.

In a lengthy video shared to Instagram, Kodak looked back on his multiple stints behind bars while also rocking a Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes jersey and a custom MAGA hat, in allegiance with former President Donald Trump, who pardoned the “Super Gremlin” rapper before he left office in 2021.

“Since I was 14 … I wasn’t never able to catch a whole year out on the streets,” Kodak began. “To stay out celebrating a year of freedom, caught that bitch. Instead of being in and out of juvie, detention center program, gotdamn county jail, prison, shit like that … I see everybody doing the 10-year challenge so this is a big accomplishment for me.”

He continued, “It’s very weird, like the shit weird being able to celebrate being home a year. But everybody got different journeys, different testimonies and shit. I’m a work in progress every day, striving to be a better man, better father, better son, better brother.”


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In a since-deleted Instagram caption, Kodak was joyful seeing the alignment between his freedom and his newborn girl coming into the world.

“( 1-20-21 ) I Was Released From Prison 2 Years Early & My Daughter Enter This World (1-21-22) It’s A Blessing,” he wrote. “Queen Yuri Kapri Is Heaven Sent She Blessing Me She Has Every Lil Thing That I Was Missing … I’m Dam Near Perfect But She Is … What A Coincidence I’m Home A Whole Year Finally After Not Being Able To Be Free A Whole Year Since I Was 14 !!!! It’s Lit.”

Kodak Black Learns Fate In New Year's Day Trespassing Case

In the video, Kodak refers to Trump as “the honorable DT,” thanking him for releasing him from prison. While Trump no longer has the power to get Kodak off a second time in a federal case, the “Haitian Boy” rapper was fortunate to learn trespassing charges levied against him on New Year’s Day were dropped.

Broward County prosecutors declined to press charges on Kodak on Wednesday (January 19) as the state couldn’t “meet all elements of the crime of trespass beyond a reasonable doubt.” The rapper’s vehicle was parked at the Golden Acres housing development complex in Florida when he was detained by officers.

Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, called the arrest “embarrassing”.

“I think they made the arrest so they could search him and search his vehicle that was legally parked and try to find something that was a bigger charge than trespassing,” he said. “I think it was embarrassing that they ended up arresting him for trespass, and the case was never filed on because there was no probable cause to make the arrest.”