Fivio Foreign was asked about his craziest sexual acts for SupaDupaHumble’s Dirty Street Confessions series, and he had stories in abundant. The Brooklyn drill rapper admitted he once had sex with his sister’s sister during his childhood — while his sister was in the same room.

“My sister, she been left the house, right,” he began. “She came back, she spent the night in my house with her sister from her father’s side. She wanted to fuck me. I was a kid, I was like in high school. My sister’s sister, she wasn’t related to me. I fucked her.”

He continued, “But let me tell you why it was the worst: because my sister was in the room and it was nighttime. We was all asleep-sleepover thing and I had to go viral on her, and I just felt like I shouldn’t have did it.”

In another clip from the interview, Fivio Foreign revealed he had a threesome with a pregnant woman and that he partakes in anilingus.

“The freakiest shit I ever did?” he said. “I did a threesome with a pregnant bitch and it was real freaky. It was crazy. I didn’t eat her ass, but I eat ass. Gotta eat the pussy first. Warm it up to get me warmed up and I get a little excited, and then I might go crazy on that ass.”

He also talked about having a foot fetish and detailed the time he was given a footjob — an activity he wants to explore more in the future.

Like Meek Mill, Fivio Foreign Eats Ass + Is Experienced In Relations With Pregnant Women

“I suck toes. I like toes. That’s my thing,” Fivio Foreign said, before explaining the time he got a footjob. “It was a while ago, I was younger. I got tired of the head. The head was not doing it for me. So I’m like, ‘Yo, I like the toes. Put the feet on it.’ I was putting spit on it and let her do it with the toes and it was good. I fuck with it. I want another one.”

Meek Mill recently appeared on Dirty Street Confessions, where he rated his anilingus skills and discussed sixteensomes in London.