NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown may or may not be Asian Doll’s next boo — as long as he shares her according to her ex-boyfriend Jackboy.

In a tweet she shared on Wednesday (January 5), Asian Doll risked it all and requested a romantic night out with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player.

“Wassup, Antonio Brown take me out to dinner [Blushing face/crying face emojis],” she wrote.

Before AB got a chance to answer the public invitation, Asian Doll’s former flame Jackboy offered him the green light to link up with her, explaining he too is used to being a team-oriented player.

“Go ahead ima team player my n-gga when you done with her pass her back family [Handshake emoji],” Jackboy commented on an Instagram repost of the tweet.

After previously sparking dating rumors due to a similarly aggressive social media advance initiated by the “Nunnadet Shit” rapper, the pair began dating in September but seemingly cut ties last month when Asian Doll announced she was single.

Asian Doll has also been vocal about her relationship with the late Chicago rapper King Von, tattooing multiple portraits of the Welcome To O Block lyricist on her body even though members of his family and other artists such as Foolio criticize her representation of their bond.

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Antonio Brown may actually have more free time on his hands for a date with Asian Doll now that his status with the Bucs is questionable following his in game outburst Sunday in which he ripped off his pads and shirt and stormed out of the arena.