Twitter trolls are no match for Baby Tate.

On Tuesday (January 4), Baby Tate destroyed users on the platform for manufacturing the extremely false narrative that she would be a bigger star if she looked different.

It all started with a single hot take tweet from user @MuvaMack who wrote her opinion that Baby Tate would be more successful as an artist if she was a light-skinned black woman.

“Baby Tate would be further If her skin was lighter truth be told,” the user wrote in the tweet. “Because the talent is undeniable!!!”

Rather than directly responding to the tone-deaf tweet at first, Baby Tate utilized Kanye West’s infamous lyrics from Twista’s anthemic “Slow Jamz” hit in a TikTok mocking the user’s comments.

“Idk I think I look terrible lightskint,” she wrote in the tweet.

However, after the initial tweet, the flood gates opened giving way to a torrent of negative takes about colorism and soon Baby Tate found herself defending both her ethnic identity and thwarting body-shaming counter-narratives.

At one point, one used even claimed Iggy Azealia, who is white, is more successful than Baby Tate, and also compared her to Tinashe — which the 25-year-old rapper wrote off.

“We not making this a me vs Tinashe thing don’t be a weirdo,” she bagan.

“U wanna know why I am (in your eyes) ‘not as successful’ as the lightskinned ppl you think I should be more successful than,” Baby Tate wrote in a separate tweet. “I’ve been an independent artist for the past 7 years. Not because I’m BROWN without a BBL.”

Baby Tate eventually fell back on her “Pedi” ways and used the moment to plug her upcoming project, which will be her major-label debut on Warner Records.

“My upcoming double mixtape is going to be my MOST SUCCESSFUL PROJECT YET,” she wrote. “Let’s go @warnerrecords [Smiling face with horns emoji].”

Just days into 2022, Baby Tate is already picking up where she left off last year, by taking to task social media body shamers who are critical of her physique.

Back in October, she actually earned the recognition of Rihanna and a subsequent opportunity to become an ambassador for the Barbadian singer’s Fenty brand after social media trolls flooded Baby Tate’s timeline with negative remarks following her AfroPunk performance.

Rihanna Sends Support To Yung Baby Tate After Bodyshamers Wreck Her Mentions

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