Houston, TX

Sauce Walka and Kanye West were spotted linking up in Houston on Tuesday (December 28), and it looked like they were having meaningful talks.

In a photo seen posted across social media, Ye can be seen speaking with Walka in his hometown amidst reports Kanye partied the night away with Instagram model Yasmine Lopez, though TMZlater confirmed the pair were not together but merely interacted at J Mulan’s birthday party. Judging by the looks of it, Ye seems to have met up with Walka the same night, considering he was seen wearing the same outfit for both occasions.

Kanye has been fighting to reconcile with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. At the Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake, Ye rapped, “I need you run right back to me, more specifically Kimberly,” and most recently appeared to have bought a $4.5 million home directly across the street in an effort to be closer to his kids.



As for Sauce Walka, he recently fired back at fans for judging the mother of his child Bambi, who’s a cam girl.

“This girl makes $2million a year easy,” he snapped in his reply to a fan. “From a cell phone!!! What is more goin for your child’s future than guaranteed millions foreva!!!!!?????”