LeBron James was feeling himself on Sunday night (December 26). So much so that he filmed himself rapping JAY-Z’s iconic track “Imaginary Players.”

Filmed after a lavish evening spent alongside his friends and wife Savannah, LeBron’s line-by-line rapping of Jay’s In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 cut seemed to serve as a PSA to all those hating on the Laker’s 16-18 record this season.

“Y’all rapping as n-ggas, y’all funny to me,” LeBron can be seen rapping in the video as chains sit around his neck. “Selling records being you but you still wanna be me I guess for every buck you make it’s like a hundred for me, and still you running around thinking you got something on me,” LeBron raps before a friend of his joins in to spit the next verse.

“And y’all want to take my flow and run with it. That’s cool I was the first one with it,” The NBA player raps alongside his friend.

The video comes as the Los Angeles Lakers continue to have a bad season. The team most recently lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday (December 25). LeBron’s name also made headlines the previous day on Friday (December 24), when the ball player shared a Spider-Man meme comparing COVID-19 to the Flu and a cold.

The meme showed three different Spider-Man characters pointing at each other, with one reading “coivd,” while the other two read “cold” and “flu.” “Help me out folks,” LeBron wrote alongside the photo with a shrug emoji. The vaccinated Lakers star had a stressful experience with COVID-19 earlier in December after he returned a false positive test.