Brooklyn, N.Y. – The chances of going to elementary school with a future superstar rapper are slim-to-none, but to have two walking the halls at the same exact time, one’s odds of hitting the lottery might be more appealing.

However, that was indeed the case for both drill rap stars Pop Smoke and Dusty Locane, who attended P.S. 66 in Canarsie, Brooklyn together in the late 2000s until the late “Dior” rapper — born Bashar Jackson — who was killed in February 2020 moved around 5th grade.

HipHopDX caught up with Dusty Locane earlier in December on the heels of the release of his debut project UNTAMED. The 22-year-old EMPIRE signee paid homage to Pop Smoke and recalled a hysterical story in elementary school when Pop disrespected their coach in front of the squad.

“I had a basketball coach, who was a teacher and also played volleyball but was a science teacher,” he explains. “N-ggas ain’t respect him too much and he said something to Pop and Pop just told him, ‘You on the volleyball shit, why you talking to me?’ And he kicked him off the team. It was so real that you can’t make it up.”

“It showed his character like, ‘I don’t give a fuck who you is, and I don’t feel like you know this better than me.’ You can tell that in the years to come and Pop really proved to so many people and I’m doing the same thing.”

Locane knows the comparisons are out there between the grizzly-voiced rhymers, but he makes sure to always show love to Pop Smoke for breaking down the door and putting Brooklyn drill on display for the masses at such a young age.

NY Drill Rapper Dusty Locane Addresses Pop Smoke Comparisons & Reveals Their Background History

“He was the biggest to do it,” Dusty Locane continues. “When he dropped that, you can’t say nothing. All you gotta say is, ‘Cuz, I wish you was still here.’ If it’s another comment besides that, they a hater. That’s all that has to be said.”

“I don’t know too many n-ggas my age who can still stand up here and hold it down. A lot of n-ggas my age are fighting identity crisis and all these things. When you can find yourself at the early age of 19 or 20, I commend you.”

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Dusty Locane coming later this week.