Doodie Lo, a member of Lil Durk‘s Only The Family (OTF) collective, is claiming to have scored a major victory in the child sex abuse case brought against him by his ex-girlfriend — and is now launching a legal battle of his own.

On October 27, Doodie’s former partner and fellow artist Britney Elder (better known as FTN Bae) accused the Chicago rapper of sodomizing her 5-year-old son with screws in August. Elder shared audio of her son crying as he recounted the alleged abuse.

Later that day, Doodie Lo — real name David Saulsberry — denied the disturbing allegations, claiming Elder “groomed” her son to accuse him of the heinous crime with video evidence to support his story. He alleged Elder had been harassing him for weeks following their split and fabricated the allegations out of spite.

Now, the case has since been dropped, according to Doodie Lo. On Thursday (December 16), the OTF rapper shared an alleged text message from FTN Bae dated December 16 informing him that her son’s testimony “isn’t enough in the law’s eyes” and her legal team “aren’t pressing charges.”

“This is FTN BAE (you can match the number in the court documents) saying the case was dropped!!!” Doodie wrote on Twitter. “And I’m innocent! No evidence because NOTHING HAPPENED.”

However, FTN Bae claims otherwise. “Case Is Still Open!” she tweeted on Saturday (December 18). “He’s still the main suspect & this is going to take time. i have to be patient and wait. i sent that text cause i felt defeated. but truth is, the case stays open so i can keep fighting! & get the help i need!”

She added, “And because the case is still open he can still go to JAIL! … He has not been cleared of shit they just can’t arrest him right now!” She also alluded to taking the case to the federal court system after being dismissed by the state court.

While the status of the child sex abuse case is unclear, one thing is evident: Doodie Lo has launched his own legal battle against FTN Bae for the damage that has been caused to his reputation and career.

According to court documents shared on Twitter (and compiled by DJ Akademiks), the 30-year-old rapper has filed a $5 million lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, accusing her of defamation, emotional distress and perpetual reputational harm that has resulted in him losing income and business opportunities.

The lawsuit claims FTN Bae’s son had told her it was, in fact, another child named Alex who inserted the screws into his anus. When Bae told Doodie Lo about this, he encouraged her to get him checked out at the hospital as he had family members who had been sexually abused in the past.

According to the suit, the hospital “found nothing wrong with [her son] during their examination.”

OTF Rapper Doodie Lo Provides Video 'Evidence' Negating Child Sodomy Allegations

It was when Doodie Lo ended their four-month relationship in September that FTN Bae “began her intentional campaign to defame and destroy [Doodie] for rejecting her,” namely changing the narrative about who sexually abused her son.

The lawsuit alleges Elder had “tormented” Doodie Lo with several recordings of her son speaking about the abuse before posting the “doctored” version on social media in October.