Memphis, TN - 

Federal agents and Memphis police are still searching for answers when it comes to the murder of Young Dolph. While the initial investigation of the November 17 shooting has come up empty on suspects and arrests, feds are hoping informants will point them in the right direction, according to TMZ.

TMZ sources revealed that federal agents have sat down with their informants who have ties to Memphis and discovered a few new leads as part of the discussions. Agents are hoping that the new information will lead to a probable cause arrest even though no primary suspects have come to the surface.

Young Dolph — born Adolph Thorton Jr. — was shot and killed while shopping at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies store in Memphis by two armed assailants.

Dolph was laid to rest in a public memorial at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday (December 16). The emotional ceremony saw speeches from the Paper Route Empire CEO’s girlfriend, Mia Jaye, and two kids Adolph Thorton III and Aria Ella Thorton.

Young Dolph's Girlfriend & Children Deliver Emotional Speech At Late Rapper's Memorial Service

“I had the most pleasurable time of my life with Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. He was the most brilliant man, intelligent man, unique man, charming man; he was just everything,” Mia said as she held back tears. “And I’m so, so blessed that I was able to experience him for nearly a decade.

“He had such a benevolent spirit, a giving heart, a heart of gold. I said it once and I’ll say it again: he had a heart of David — one after God’s own heart.”