J Prince is known for being an intimidating figure that gets the job done, and when he posted up with Kanye West on Instagram last month to squash the beef with Drake, social media had jokes ready for the whole encounter. Many felt J Prince used scare tactics to convince Ye to bury the hatchet with Drake.

During a recent interview with Billboard on Wednesday (December 8), J Prince explained what went down during that conversation with Kanye West. Despite fans thinking he bullied Kanye into making up with Drake, J Prince said that wasn’t the case at all.

“It was an interesting conversation, but the furthest thing from the truth regarding any kind of force. I heard all kinds of rumors, and that was the furthest thing from the truth,” Prince told Billboard. “To me, that moment was what I called an ‘anointing moment’ — because none of it was planned. It wasn’t planned where we had that meeting in that particular church, but me being a man of God, I couldn’t deny the invitation to actually meet him.”

J Prince continued, “From there, I kept it real with him. I spoke some words that came from my heart — and Kanye, he acknowledged it. He said, ‘I ain’t ever had anyone ever talking to me like that.’ He was acknowledging me being brutally honest with him. I felt another level of bonding with him at that particular moment.”

Fans may not believe him, but J Prince is sure the conversation was peaceful and played a role in Drake and Kanye West performing for the first time on stage in 5 years on Thursday (December 9) in honor of Larry Hoover. The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO also spoke about presenting Drake with the bigger picture when it came to squashing the beef with his former foe.

Drake Squashed Kanye West Beef Because He Saw 'The Bigger Picture' Of Saving Lives

“I let him know that this is a moment and movement that can save lives. I believe by Drake and Kanye being an example, as two of hip-hop’s top artists, that lives would be saved,” J Prince added. “I believe this is going to be imitated and it’s important to be an example to those that look up to you and that meant something to Drake — just the life-saving event wrapped around putting the spotlight on the injustice, prison reform, and my brother Larry Hoover.

“Everything is icing on the cake after that because he never envisioned things like that. So I had to tap into a power greater than the anger or whatever these guys had for one another.”