Soulja Boy says he’s the first rapper to do a lot of things, but this time, he’s chalking one accomplishment up to Roc-A-Fella legend Freeway. While on a video set with Big Draco on Tuesday (December 6), the “What We Do” rapper posted a video flexing a diamond in his beard and claiming he’s the first rapper to have some bling in his facial hair.

“Soulja, you the first rapper to do everything else, but I’m the first rapper with a diamond in my beard,” said Freeway. “I’m the first one to do that, boy.”

“I don’t even got no beard,” Big Draco responded with a laugh. “Turn up! He the first. Y’all know what the fuck going on, we on set, man.”

The Philly native looks to manage an artist by the name of Cartier Yung and they’ve enlisted Soulja Boy to hop on a record titled “Baggatarius,” which should arrive soon with a flossy accompanying visual.

Akademiks reposted the hilarious diamond beard exchange and Soulja Boy is letting Freeway take the win where he commented another series of laughing emojis on the video.

Fans are still waiting for Soulja Boy to respond to another “rapper first” claim with PnB Rock showing off a gold-plated bird pendant while saying he’s got the biggest chain in the game right now.

“Soulja Boy, what’s up, man?” Rock said. “I’m the first n-gga that came — this one of your auntie’s muthafuckin’ ornaments on the counter, n-gga. Big drip.”

PnB Rock Calls Out Soulja Boy While Showing Off 'Biggest Chain In The Game'

Look for PnB Rock’s 2 Get You Through the Rain EP arriving on Friday (December 9) with features from Lil Baby, Young Thug and DJ Luke Nasty.