Following the passing of Young Dolph, his partner Mia Jaye’s MomEO business has taken on a whole new meaning. The business has received a major sales boost in the Black Men Deserve To Grow Old campaign’s department with sales reportedly increasing from about 20 to anywhere between 250 and 600 orders per day.

The hot ticket item has been a tribute hoodie to the late Young Dolph. The hoodie comes in a couple of shades of blue and costs $70.50 retail with “Black Men Deserve To Grow Old” written across the garment’s chest with a black and white photo of Dolph in the middle.

About a third of the profits will be donated in a charitable effort to families that have suffered and lost loved ones at the hands of senseless gun violence. Therapy services have also contacted Mia to offer their services to grieving families.

A day after the Paper Route Empire boss was murdered, Mia Jaye broke her silence and thanked everyone for their outpouring of support in an Instagram Story. She and Dolph had two kids together in daughter Aria and son Tre.

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“Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers, love, support, calls, messages,” she wrote. “I may not see them all but when my eyes are not full of tears, I catch a few…Nonetheless, all the genuine positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome…because Lord knows I need them.”

Young Dolph — born Adolph Thorton Jr. — was shot and killed on November 17 in his hometown of Memphis by two assailants while he was buying cookies at a local bakery. No arrests in the case have been made but the getaway white Mercedes-Benz vehicle has been recovered and linked to a separate murder.