Memphis, TN

Shortly after Young Dolph was gunned down in his hometown of Memphis, rumors started to circulate there’d already been retaliation against two of his known rivals — Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti. Some claimed Youngsta’s grandmother’s house had been shot up, while others said Yo Gotti’s restaurant had also been made a target.

But according to the Memphis Police Department, nothing like that has transpired. On Wednesday (November 17), Action 5 News Content Desk Manager Hannah Wallsmith tweeted, “Prive’s in Memphis has NOT been shot up per @MEM_PoliceDept. #youngdolph.”

In a follow-up tweet, Action News 5 reporter Joyce Peterson confirmed Blac Youngsta’s grandmother’s house was also unscathed with “Granny is safe too, per Memphis Police.”

Young Dolph was shot and killed in broad daylight on Wednesday afternoon as he was picking up cookies for his mother at Makeda’s Cookies. The 36-year-old rapper was expected to arrive at turkey drive for Thanksgiving later that day. But he never made it.



The owner of Makeda’s Cookies, Maurice Hill, said his employees told him Young Dolph walked into the store to buy cookies when someone pulled up in a vehicle and opened fire, killing him.

Young Dolph Was On His Way To Thanksgiving Charity Event When He Was Killed

Dolph has been the target of gun violence numerous times. In 2017, he allegedly survived 100 shots during an incident in Charlotte, North Carolina. Yo Gotti’s artist, Blac Youngsta, was initially arrested in the Charlotte shooting, but the charges were eventually dropped.



Later that same year, Dolph was shot in the heart of Hollywood and wound up being hospitalized. Authorities attempted to connect the two 2017 shootings to a running feud between Dolph and Yo Gotti but failed.

Young Dolph was 36 at the time of his death and leaves behind a wife and two children. HipHopDX sends our condolences to all of his loved ones.