Social media has become an essential part of Hip Hop culture. It’s where most of us go to follow our favorite artists and where rappers go to kill time from their busy schedules. Some love it, but others not so much, such as Young Thug.

The Young Stoner Life boss took to his TikTok page to talk to fans about his thoughts on social media and how stressful they can get. According to Thugga, social media puts out so much content that he’s running out of fuel to follow up and deal with any of it.

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“Bro, I just noticed like when I look at the Internet, when I look at Instagram and like you know Twitter and shit, I get depressed bro,” Young Thug said in the black-and-white video. “This shit is like burnt the fuck out, bro. This shit depressing.”

It’s unclear what posts have Young Thug down in the dumps, but fans are standing by him regardless. Many of them agreed with Thug in that social media has become too much with the constant flow of unfiltered news dominating our feeds.

Unlike Thugga though, Offset is all about wasting time on Instagram. Last month the Migos member admitted he was addicted to Instagram after it went down along with Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger during a six-hour blackout. While everyone was scrambling to find a solution, Offset came to the shocking realization that social media is sucking his life away.

Offset Confesses To Instagram Addiction Following Social Media Outage

“Damn I just noticed I’m addicted to Instagram,” the Migos rapper shared with his Twitter followers.