Hip Hop culture knows the story of Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, the drug kingpin who killed his best friend in cold blood and snitched on a number of others as his life was one of the inspirations for the classic film, Paid In Full. The infamous drug dealer was killed in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning (October 31) in Harlem, New York. The Big Apple felt the ripple effect of Alpo’s death and there’s a rapper who’s commented on the incident in the most cunning way.

On Sunday (October 31), Brooklyn rapper Maino took to Instagram to seemingly celebrate Alpo’s death with a subliminal post. Maino posted a picture hours after the incident of slain Brooklyn drug dealer Domencio “Montana” Benson, whom Alpo allegedly killed before going to prison in 1991. 

“Smiling Down Happy Halloween,” Maino wrote in the caption.

Alpo had a long and bloody résumé before his arrest in 1991. Rumors swirled that Alpo had Benson killed over the affection of a woman, but there was chatter that the disgraced former drug kingpin killed even more people. The most controversial murder was his best friend and business associate, Rich Porter, in 1990.

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After becoming an informant and testifying against members of his organization, Alpo was sentenced to 35 years for 14 counts of murder. He was released in 2015 and was reportedly waiting for a new name under a witness protection program before he was killed.

Cam’ron portrayed Rico, a character based loosely on Alpo in the 2002 cult classic Paid in Full. In that film, Rico murdered his best friend Mitch, who was based on Rich Porter, similar to Alpo’s crime. The film stars Mekhi Phifer and Wood Harris with JAY-Z and Dame Dash serving as producers.