Hip Hop comparisons are just as prevalent as the conversation between raps fans of who’s the greatest of all time. People will debate who’ll be the next in line to follow their elders’ footsteps, and most opinions aren’t taken seriously.

Fat Joe recently took part in the debates during the one-night-only return of BET’s popular Rap City show, and fans are scratching their heads at his choices. During the special broadcast of Rap City ’21, Big Tigger asked Joey Crack which modern rapper would he compare to the late Tupac Shakur.

After thinking about it briefly, Fat Joe admitted it was a hard decision but named DaBaby as 2Pac’s heir. Big Tigger carefully accepted Joe’s answer, then asked who would be the next Fat Joe. According to the Bronx legend, his heir is an underground rapper named Nems out of Coney Island, Brooklyn and the rapper got word Fat Joe was praising him and shared it on his Instagram.

DaBaby caught wind of Joe’s comments and reposted the clip on his Instagram page. However, DaBaby said the critics would never give him that credit despite his accomplishments already.

“Agreed. but they gone salt that down too Crack,” wrote DaBaby in the caption of his post.

Social media was quick to ridicule Fat Joe for his seemingly outlandish claim. Many took to the comment section wherever the video was posted and dragged Fat Joe for making such comments.

“I see why they call him crack now cause he high af,” wrote one fan while another said, “Stop comparing artists to Tupac and let Em be themselves.”

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Some did agree with Fat Joe’s take when it comes to the controversy both rappers have faced. 2Pac was one of the most outspoken rappers in history and never held his tongue on any topic. DaBaby normally doesn’t filter anything he says and found himself in a heap of trouble after making homophobic remarks at 2021 Rolling Loud Miami.