Saweetie was a trending Twitter topic on Friday night (October 8) after an old clip of the “ICY GRL” rapper talking to Too $hort resurfaced. During the conversation, Short Dawg confessed he’d never dated a fully Black woman and was more attracted to biracial women due to growing up in the Bay Area.

Saweetie is seen laughing along as he talks and that’s where it ends. Soon, accusations of colorism started flooding her mentions and she was forced to defend herself. In the full clip, the 28-year-old Santa Clara native actually replied, “Black women are beautiful. Period.”

She added in the caption, “Since @idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!”

Saweetie has addressed the issue before when she was once asked, “Do you think darkskin women can be pretty,” to which she said, “I was raised by dark skin women so I find this question insulting. Wts I don’t think they can be pretty. I think that they are pretty.” The fan, who posted the original remarks, wrote, “They want Saweetie to fit their narrative so bad.”



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Saweetie re-tweeted the post and responded in the caption, “This shouldn’t even be a conversation but thank you for having my back baby. I’m going back to my shoot. Y’all have a Jesus blessed day.”

Check out the clip above.