Public relations powerhouse Karen Civil has faced an onslaught of allegations over the past several days after Joyner Lucas accused her of stealing $60,000 from him at the onset of his career.

Meek Mill, Cam’ron and Jessie Woo all came forward with alleged horror stories involving Civil, painting a less than flattering portrait of the industry vet.

Professional gossip hound Akademiks is now getting in on the action, claiming Civil once covered up a video of Meek Mill assaulting a woman. On Tuesday (September 21), Akademiks was in the midst of a Twitch session when he made the startling allegation. At the same time, he had some not so nice things to say about Nicki Minaj.

“The type of chick Karen is, she’s a scrappy bitch who saves artists,” he said. “I’ve seen her save artists. She begs platforms like mine, ‘Don’t embarrass n-ggas.’ She’s worked for Nicki, Nicki’s a fucked up human being. She’s tried to make her seem personable. That’s all I’m sayin’ my n-gga.”

He continued, “Anytime I’ve had interactions with her, she’s makin’ fucked up artists look better. I’m telling you. People who do shit — Meek got, apparently, somebody got Meek on video beatin’ up a chick, bro! That video never came out! Who made that shot never [come] out? Karen, bro!… All of these n-ggas, they need somebody like that because they make mistakes, they fuck up, they do human shit.”

Meek Mill and Karen Civil exchanged a few tweets on Sunday (September 19) after the Dream Chasers rapper wrote, “Karen was my friend and turned on me for opportunity…start having the blogs posting negative about me on some conspiracy shit lol. I forgive her but I definitely don’t wanna deal with y’all industry people that move like that! You should admit what you did to me too!

“People thought I was high just ranting…I’m not mad at her she’s a woman I’m over it…I’ll appreciate if she said something about that tho! We were real friends…I used to give her a lot of exclusive records for her website!”

She replied, “You know damn well I ain’t have no site play you, I literally just supported your album and shown you nothing but cordialness and respect last few years when we seen each other.”

Cam'ron Roasts Karen Civil Following Joyner Lucas Controversy

Meanwhile, Cam’ron — who’s been warning people about working with Civil since at least 2016 — wanted an apology from all those who doubted him.

“Y’all gonna apologize or nah?!” he said. “I figured y’all wouldn’t. For those that don’t understand, I told people Karin civil been robbing people, they said I was lying. Now she just lost a court case to another female [Jessie Woo], now they say Karin is foul. When I said it…I was hating.. she also robbed Joyner Lucas for the same exact amount she did my guy @darealdukedagod 60k.. what a co-winky-dink.”