Seeing Tyler, The Creator in public could lead to an unpredictable encounter with the eclectic Grammy Award-winner. One fan recently caught Tyler on the highway riding around in his vintage 1992 BMW M3 and the clip has gone viral.

Tyler starts off by flipping the bird to the fan while he catches up and rolls down his window. The IGOR artist then switches over to an explicit hand motion before speeding off in the Beamer and leaving the fan in the dust.

Whoever was on the filming side seemed to take the interaction in stride while captioning his post, “@Feliciathegoat with a safe driving message in traffic.”

The short clip is muted so it cannot be made out exactly what’s being said in the back-and-forth while cruising through the rocky terrain.

During an interview with Hot 97 this summer, Tyler admitted he’ll never turn down a photo with a young fan but wants the rest of everyone to respect his space and keep it moving.

Tyler, The Creator has been laying low since the release of his Call Me If You Get Lost album but took to Twitter during the wee hours of a night last week claiming the culture didn’t do enough to protect one of his favorite rhymers in Lupe Fiasco.

Tyler, The Creator + 9th Wonder's André 3000 'Life Of The Party' Reactions Scream V.O.T.Y.

“I’m still here fam lol…I’m happy,” Lupe responded. “Family good. Life is awesome. Make my little money doing shows to Fund my lil side hustles. Joined the Illuminati. Pornography is better than it’s ever been. Chill case looking promising. Lawsuits settled. Booty muscles looking 25 again. Solid.”