Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar’s new collaboration titled “Range Brothers” — taken from Keem’s upcoming album The Melodic Blue — found its way on social media Wednesday night (September 8). The song caused more confusion than excitement thanks to Kendrick Lamar’s head-scratching ad-libs. 

Fortunately, Baby Keem took to Twitter the next day to clear the confusion, but his take left fans even more perplexed at the pgLang artists. According to Keem, he and Kendrick got creative since rap is no longer exciting, hence the bizarre Kendrick verse.  

“Me and dot created four new languages bro,” Keem tweeted. “Rap was boring. so we start making new languages rangebrothers caveman brother.”

He continued, “we can say the language backwards too brother.”

It’s a pretty bold statement for Keem to imply rap is lame in its current state and causing him and Kendrick to do their own thing, but fans are loving every minute of it on social media. The verse isn’t all that weird, as Kendrick manages to rap on the rest of the song with an impressive verse. Some fans think K. Dot was ridiculing the new age rappers and the current state of Hip Hop with its repetitiveness.  

“Everybody wanna be great, but the word don’t relate/And the life be mistakin’ the truth, n-gga/I remember bankin’ with Chase like four-hundred K, starin’ at it I don’t know what to do, n-gga/Now I look at money like a resource, every contract gotta put my kid’s family in school/Health and wealth, goin’ deep for it, do right for my next life,” he raps on the song.

Baby Keem hosted a private listening party for his debut album Melodic Blue in New York City Wednesday night. Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, The Kid LAROI, Offset and KYLE pulled up to the event to show Keem — who was vibing with fans all night — some love.  

Baby Keem Taps Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott + Don Toliver For 'The Melodic Blue' Tracklist

Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue arrives at midnight on Friday (September 10) via Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang company in partnership with Columbia Records. Travis Scott and Don Toliver are also set to appear alongside K. Dot on the album.