Yung Bleu got his fans in a frenzy Tuesday night (September 7) when he announced he was working on a song with Nicki Minaj in the middle of his show at Sony Hall in New York City. HipHopDX had originally posted the viral moment from the show, and fans were excited about the collaboration. Unfortunately, Bleu hit up Twitter to explain that wasn’t the case.

“We dnt have a song yet actually tho y’all I just wanted to play some shit we was working on since we was in New York,” Yung Bleu tweeted. “Ain gotta verse just yet . AndAin mean for it to go viral I was just having a lil moment with my fans and I was drunk talking to much lol.”

He returned with another tweet in response to HipHopDX’s article saying, “Y’all not helping bro U didn’t even tease nun I just spoke words.”

In June, Yung Bleu made it loud and clear on Twitter how much of a fan he was of Nicki Minaj and wanted to get on a song with her. Last month he included her at the top of his dream guest feature list, and even though he may not have the verse yet, Bleu is still manifesting it. 



On Tuesday night (September 7), the Queen of Hip Hop shared a snippet of new music in an Instagram Story. The 15-second video finds Nicki singing a melodic tune as opposed to her elite rapping skills. The following night Bleu retweeted Nicki’s clip with a video of him singing her part in the new song.  

Yung Bleu may be closer to getting this Nicki Minaj collaboration than most people think. Last month Nicki liked his tweet asking for a collaboration, and the 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star was ecstatic after hearing the news hitting up Twitter with his reaction.