Thai rapper Saran mellows down in his back-to-back music videos for “ฉันยังอยู่” (I’m Still Here) and “Everyone Knows It,” which were released three days apart.

On “ฉันยังอยู่,” Saran reunited with frequent collaborator, THE BESTS of D!EOUT, which he last worked with on the laidback “แหลมบาลีฮาย” (Bali Hai Cape) along with 2T Flow last month.

The music video for “ฉันยังอยู่” has already reached over 1 million views since it premiered on August 27 and trended number 6 on YouTube Thailand. The PEE E’$Y ON DA BEAT–produced single hears Saran and THE BESTS assuring a young woman that they wouldn’t hurt her and to give them a chance because they would only bring her good times.

“ฉันยังอยู่”  is Saran’s third collaborative single in a month following, “เติบโต (โดยไม่มีเธอ)” (Growing Up [Without You]) with Blackheart ft. DAVIDBOIE and “Promethazine” with Blackheart and Pondering.



His latest solo track, “Everyone Knows It,” was released yesterday, August 30. Both singles feature a more relaxed production and somber visuals compared to his rougher drill cuts.

Anisha Khemlani contributed to this report