Soulja Boy claims to be the first to do a lot of things, but he’s definitely not the first rapper to tap out during a Snoop Dogg smoking session. During a recent interview with Power 106, Big Draco recalled a time he got so high with Snoop circa 2009 that he had to stop hitting the blunt and take a timeout at the West Coast legend’s mansion.

“He had a studio at his house, so we over there and playing Madden. We just started smoking and we kept smoking and kept smoking. I had my other two homeboys and when he passed me the blunt, I just kept passing it to them. I just looked at Snoop like, ‘I’m high. I quit, I don’t know what’s going on.’ He kept going!”

The track Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy ended up recording was “Pronto,” which landed on the Death Row icon’s 2009 Malice N Wonderland album. Big Soulja takes the baton to deliver a heavily Auto-Tuned assist.

Even over a decade into his career, Soulja Boy is still staying busy on the business side. The “Crank That” rapper made a guest appearance at a wedding over the weekend where he performed “Rick & Morty” in a tuxedo.

He also recently launched his Soulja Exotics cannabis brand, which he hopefully sent some over to Snoop Dogg.

Soulja Boy Becomes Latest Rapper With Cannabis Company With 'Soulja Exotics'

“For years, I’ve been looking for a premium cannabis company to bring my product to market,” said Big Draco in a statement. “Grizzly Peak grows their medicinal quality cannabis indoors in coco fiber giving it a smooth inhale and exhale. I have so much going on in my head, I use weed to help me relax and function better so I can focus on my music, videos and other entertainment businesses.”

Watch the “Pronto” video below.