Kanye West has been taking up residence inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to finish his forthcoming album DondaFans got a look at the close quarters Kanye is living out of, and it looks like this stay is costing him a lot of money. 

On Thursday (July 29), Pigeons & Planes did an in-depth analysis of Kanye’s stay at the stadium, and the numbers are insane. According to the outlet, Kanye is allegedly paying $1 million a day to stay at the stadium, and based on the size of the room, he’s coughing up about $1.8 million per square foot. 

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The site then compared the expensive stay with the purchase of a Hong Kong penthouse that sold for $59 million ($17,542 per square foot), making it the most expensive apartment ever sold in Asia at the time. Kanye is known for going the extra mile to record albums, but this might take the cake if it turns out to be true. 

The eccentric rapper shared an Instagram post of his room at the stadium. The room is modest at best, with cement walls, a twin-sized bed, flatscreen television, and a grey carpet. 1.5 million people liked the photo, and it received over 30,000 comments from fans who had all types of opinions on the small room. 

Kanye is making the most of his time at the stadium outside of recording by attending MLS Atlanta United soccer games. On July 24, fans spotted Ye at a game wearing the same outfit from the Donda listening event the night before.