New York, N.Y.

A New York City security guard is feeling the love from Nicki Minaj and her Barbz. After a Zara security guard allowed loyal Barb Zha Chanel to perform Nicki’s verse on BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money (Remix)” in an NYC store last week, the Queens legend went out of her way to reach out to Michael and fill his Instagram page with a ton of likes.

“Someone tell the security guard in that video I posted that I’m looking for him I want to send him a gift for being such a sweetheart to one of my babies,” Nicki wrote.

Of course, the Barbz worked their magic and quickly tracked down Michael, who goes by @Bam_Bigelow on Instagram. Nicki wanted proof it was really him and had Michael send her a video to make sure he was legit. She then peppered his page with a ton of love and the Barbz followed suit to bring his follower count to over 9,000.

“I also want to thank Nicki Minaj again for the love and support you are an angel from God with a blessing heart, a queen, an icon and a legend,” he posted to social media after the exchange.

TMZ caught up with both Michael and Zha Chanel in NYC on Monday (July 19) to break down the whole chain of events leading to him connecting with Nicki. He credits Zha and his manager for making it happen and is just happy to be part of the positive moment.

Michael even teased Nicki Minaj hooking him up with something more in the future, but he remains tight-lipped on exactly what it could entail.



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“My phone is still buzzing,” he said. “I’m supposed to get something, but I didn’t get it yet, though. Stay tuned. Whatever she gives me, I’m blessed.”