Eminem’s Shady Records is home to some of Hip Hop’s fiercest rappers and his latest signee, Grip, is catching people’s attention in a commanding way.

The Atlanta native was recently a guest on Infinite Vibes radio where he freestyled over the instrumental to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s classic “Role Model.” Grip eviscerated the beat with a rapid flow that made Eminem proud. 

“You signed with Shady, luck you, word to Joyner Lucas/been sick as hell, this is sickle cell joined with lupus,” he rapped. “Round here these boys is ruthless, probably steal your granny purse, they started out stealing candy first/see n-ggas let these cannons burst for what a gram is worth/then the ambulance disperse and cut you out your pants and shirt.”

The 8 Mile rapper saluted his new signee on Twitter with a tweet that read, “. @Grip_SS is jackin for beats.” 

Grip announced he signed with Shady Records on July 1 with a post of him and Eminem sitting in the studio. Before fans could digest the new addition, Grip dropped his Shady Records debut single “Gutter.” 

Eminem's New Artist Grip Drops Debut Shady Single 'Gutter'

Just like the freestyle, Grip has fans wrapped up in his rhymes with lines in the song such as, “Far beyond the image, this is trap and rapping in your partner’s Honda Civic/Or that county jail your mama visit, to see if a bond was given/Cause you took a chance to advance in a life you ain’t bound to live in/Why would I be bound to critics?”