Timing is a skill 21 Savage is apparently still working on mastering.

Equipped with a plot that personifies an elaborate bank robbery in a metropolitan financial sector, the Slaughter Gang bossman delivered the video for “Brand New Draco” Wednesday (July 14).  The visual also features cameos from DJ Khaled, Bow Wow, Shaq and more, who all give short testimonials promoting 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s brand new $DRCO stock.

Though the LEFF-directed visual for “Brand New Draco” tones down the gun-totting camera flexing inherent to 21 Savage’s music videos, the lyrics still heavily rely on the type of “Stick Talk” rap he has become known for.

“Big Slaughter, nigga, big dagger in my face (Straight up)/Ski mask, fuck a camera, gun him down on tape (On God),” 21 raps on the Savage Mode II track.

The mini-movie could have certainly arrived during a better time frame, as 21 was put in the blender on Twitter days ago after issuing an ill-received call-to-action to stop the violence.

“I wish all this violence would stop it seems like it’s more hate than love in the universe right now,” 21 Savage plead in the tweet on July 12th.

Users seemed to disregard his message altogether and instead, replied to 21’s tweet with some of his most violent posts and bars to demonstrate how hypocritical his request was. One individual actually dug up a throwback video of 21 Savage advocating for the exact opposite of what his tweet was calling for.

“Fuck all of that crying on Instagram,” 21 started off in the clip. “Crying on Twitter, to make a long-ass, deep-ass post. Pick up the guns and start shooting at these pussy ass police.”

21 Savage Demands An End To Street Violence But Twitter Calls Him A Hypocrite

It’s clear that 21 Savage has some work to do with regards to his non-violent activism work, however, he has made strides in other positive areas that are worth noting, also.

Last year, he announced a free financial literacy program called “Bank Account At Home” which provided elementary, middle and high School students with the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of money management, how to plan their financial future and explore different lessons around budgeting and entrepreneurship.

Watch the full video for Brand New Draco” below.