Following his Paris arrest, Lil Baby is gearing up to hit the road at the top of September alongside his Voice of the Heroes collaborator Lil Durk as part of The Back Outside Tour.

Appearing on the Flagrant 2 podcast last week, Akademiks speculated about the tour’s weak ticket sales and while he gave respect to Baby as the hottest rapper out, he doesn’t think he and Durk have the mainstream appeal to sell out arenas across the country this fall.

“Lil Baby’s trying to do arenas about 10,000 to 15,000,” Ak said he heard from two people recently. “They said his tour’s doing bad. You’ll never see him post that his tour is sold out, they said it’s not selling that much.”

They compared his case to Jack Harlow, who is selling out much smaller 2,000 cap venues. Akademiks gave Lil Baby his props, comparing him to pre-Tha Carter III Lil Wayne. Co-host Andrew Schulz made the case that Lil Baby’s crossover appeal might not be there in the white community.

“I can’t speak on behalf of all whites, but I have a feeling that Lil Baby is massive amongst Black people and there’s a huge chasm between white and black people getting on board, and that’s your ticket sales slump,” Schulz added.

Lil Baby Is Free & On His Way Home Following Paris Drug Arrest

Lil Baby ran into some legal trouble while checking out France for Paris Fashion Week. Baby and his bodyguard were arrested by Paris authorities after police reportedly discovered 32 grams of marijuana in their vehicle. The Quality Control rapper was then released hours later after paying fines for the incident.

Listen to the discussion at the 2:22:30 mark below.