City Girls rapper JT was among the many celebrities who attended the 2021 BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (June 27). Like everyone else, JT was dressed to the nines to celebrate the annual ceremony and first live audience since the COVID-19 pandemic began its rampage last year. But one particular “fan” caught JT’s wrath after she took it upon herself to photoshop a photo of JT.

On Tuesday (June 29), JT retweeted a post by a woman who goes by @iam_ayzra on Twitter, featuring a side-by-side photo of JT unedited and edited. Adjustments include a slimmer waist, bun on top of her head, more makeup, baby hairs on her forehead and smoother, lighter skin. Upon seeing this, JT fired back, “You actually made me look a mess. I’m beautiful I don’t need to edit myself. Edit them rolls out your neck.”

The woman defended herself by saying, “The original color tone wasn’t intentional nor was I saying she wasn’t ‘beautiful’ by doing these edits.. Half of her own photos on her page are edited or filtered plus she is always slaying baby hairs in all her other shots.”

But the damage was already done and other people were already warning the woman to lock her Twitter account.

Coi Leray Wants To Up Her Twerk Game With Megan Thee Stallion's Help

Celebrities bodies and appearances are often internet fodder. Earlier this week, Coi Leray was forced to defend herself again after she was ridiculed for her petite frame.

Following her appearance on the 2021 BET Awards red carpet and subsequent performance, the “Big Purr” rapper began trending on Twitter after fans picked apart her body.

“My body is always trending,” she responded. “I don’t understand. Is there a certain way I’m supposed to look? Help me understand. In the Bible is it a Sin to be thin? Help me understand.”