Mobile, AL – HoneyKomb Brazy was reportedly back in court on Wednesday (June 16) to face new charges of illegal gun possession and possession of marijuana.

According to Fox10 News, the prosecution wanted Mobile County Circuit Judge Wesley Pipes to revoke the Rap-A-Lot Records artist’s probation — which he’s been on since 2016 after he was found guilty of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm — but Pipes decided not to at this time, although he did express concern over the Alabama rapper’s recent conduct.

As prosecutors presented their case, they argued HoneyKomb Brazy violated the rules of probation by using guns in his videos. But the defense countered there’s no proof any of the weapons were real and pointed out some of the videos have disclaimers indicating the guns are merely props. The defendant’s stepmother, who handles his business affairs, testified she’s attended some of the video shoots and could attest the guns were not real.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “They were props.”

Reshad McCall, whose company has produced most of them, also testified the guns, money and drugs are were all fake.

“We prop everything,” McCall said. “We’re strict on that. We control everything. I personally ordered them. I’ve got receipts for them.”

HoneyKomb Brazy’s defense lawyer Jeff Deen said his client’s music is simply meant to be entertainment and the frequent references to guns and violence shouldn’t be mistaken for real life.

“It comes with the industry,” he said. “It’s shocking to some of us, but that’s how they make their money. And it’s a very lucrative market, and this young man has a lot of talent. He’s a go-getter.”

Honeykomb Brazy Arrested For Shootout Days Prior To Grandparents’ Funeral

But HoneyKomb Brazy’s probation could ultimately end up being revoked. Mobile County Chief Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood said it’s absolutely warranted, adding, “The state presented some compelling evidence that we think the judge can revoke his probation.”

Pipes seemed to agree, but didn’t officially rule. He did, however, reference a disagreement about whether the rapper even realized he was on probation when he got out of prison. Pipes previously had revoked his probation after separate allegations, but the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals overturned that decision.

The defense maintains the judge didn’t specifically notifying their client he was back on probation. That issue now is before the appeals court, which will play a central role in the current case.

Pipes concluded, “He has to be on probation in order for the probation to be revoked.”

HoneyKomb Brazy was arrested on May 3 for violating his probation. The booking stems from a shootout he was allegedly involved in days before his grandparents’ funeral in February. He’s also facing gun and drug charges following his arrest in Dothan.